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Marijke Van Hemeldonck : Socialiste et féministe

Marijke Van Hemeldonck : socialist & feminist

The book traces the militant track of Marijke Van Hemeldonck, reveals which strategies the women’s movement used to achieve change and how international organisations intervened in the process.

Boys and girls… an (un)known destination? Belgium, 1830-2000

The richly illustrated book ‘Boys and girls… an (un)known destination?’ shows how the ideas about masculinity and femininity evolved in Belgium in the last two centuries. And together with these ideas the real life of men and women changed: the meaning of fatherhood and motherhood, toys and clothes, visions on education and work.

Eliane Vogel-Polsky, a woman of conviction

Prof. Eliane Gubin, with the assistance Catherine Jacques (ULB), wrote an inspired biography on Eliane Vogel-Polsky, based on the above-mentioned interviews. She brings a clear picture of the bigger stages on Vogel-Polsky’s track, and of her judicial line of thought.

Women changing the world

Women changing the world zooms in on the history of the International Council of Women (ICW), the oldest international women’s organization still in existence. The