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Archive and Research Centre for Women's History

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Archive and Research Centre for Women's History

Brief presentation

A presentation of our collections in a nutshell. To explore them in depth, we refer you to our online catalogue.


The AVG conserves archives of persons and organisations active on issues related to women’s emancipation and gender equality. Most of these concern the Belgian women’s movement, some are international. A number of personal archives reflect pioneering work of women in different fields: from research in gender studies to politics. As partner organisation of the Suzan Daniel Fund, we also keep archives of the lesbian movement.


The books, brochures and articles in our highlight the evolving position of women in society and the history of the women’s movement and of other actors toward gender equality. The collection of periodicals covers the entire spectrum of the women’s movement and is quite international.
A reference library with recent works in women’s history is available in the reading room.


The poster collection illustrates a wide range of actions, protest marches, conferences, campaigns … set up by the women’s movement or policy making bodies. They are digitised systematically: for most of them, a low resolution is available online. Reproductions with a higher resolution are available on request.


The photo collection brings to life actions and assemblies from the past, and the persons that took part in these. Digital images will be progressively added to the descriptions in the catalogue. Reproductions are possible under certain conditions (copyrights may apply).

Other items

Pins, drawings, stickers, audio- and videotapes, other objects … are as yet not described in our online catalogue, or only partially. This is work in progress. We also have a number of biographical files on women who have played a role in Belgian history.Please contact us if you are looking for these types of material.