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Archive and Research Centre for Women's History

Archive and Research Centre for Women's History


Liberating women, changing the world: feminism in Belgium in the 1970s

In the early 1970s, feminists took to the streets. Their militancy was young and dynamic: they wrote, talked and listened, demonstrated and campaigned. Their desire was for a society dedicated to solidarity, equality and self-determination for all. The exhibition “Liberating women, changing the world” (2020) explores their views and actions.

Gender@war 1914-1918: women and men to war

This exhibition shows visitors some of the many upheavals ordinary men and women faced during the First World War: its disruptive impact on work and family, the violence they both experienced, their joint contribution to the war effort, and more. It takes a comparative approach, looking at Belgium, France, Germany and Great Britain.

Exhibition on Women and the Right to Vote in Belgium 1789-1948

The traveling exhibition ‘A Woman, a Vote/Voice’ explores through thirty colorful panels how women’s political rights were discussed and obtained between 1789 – 1948. It shows how women took part in the debate and organised themselves and how political parties negotiated their political rights.