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Archive and Research Centre for Women's History


Liberating women, changing the world: feminism in Belgium in the 1970s

In the early 1970s, feminists took to the streets. Their militancy was young and dynamic: they wrote, talked and listened, demonstrated and campaigned. Their desire was for a society dedicated to solidarity, equality and self-determination for all. The exhibition “Liberating women, changing the world” (2020) explores their views and actions.

Gender@war 1914-1918: women and men to war

This exhibition shows visitors some of the many upheavals ordinary men and women faced during the First World War: its disruptive impact on work and family, the violence they both experienced, their joint contribution to the war effort, and more. It takes a comparative approach, looking at Belgium, France, Germany and Great Britain.

Affiche Exposition Garçon ou fille... un destin pour la vie?

Boys and girls… an (un)known destination? Belgium, 1830-2000

Abundantly illustrated, the exhibition questions the evolution of the concepts ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’ throughout Belgian history. Family, school and work offer familiar backgrounds to talk about ideals, representations, norms and daily life.