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Archive and Research Centre for Women's History

Liberating women, changing the world: feminism in Belgium in the 1970s

In the early 1970s, feminists took to the streets. Breathing new life into old demands, they insisted on equality in the family, at school, at work and in the law. They denounced stereotypes and violence, and strove for positive and open views on sexuality and contraception. Their militancy was young and dynamic: they wrote, talked and listened, demonstrated and campaigned.  Their desire was for a society dedicated to solidarity, equality and self-determination for all.

The exhibition “Liberating women, changing the world” (2020) explores these feminist views and actions and looks back at not so distant past in which inequalities between women and men were still very pronounced. Numerous striking documents make you think about the road to equality and the obstacles that still exist. Although progress is notable, many requirements and analyses from the 1970s are still very topical.

The richly illustrated exhibition consists of 37 panels, 3 screens with audiovisual fragments and showcases with original pieces. Together they present more than 200 documents (including posters, drawings, photos, quotes, brochures, songs, testimonials, television clips …)

The exhibition is bilingual Dutch/French, with a visitor guide in English.

A pedagogical tool (Dutch/French) invites teachers to address the subjects in class.

“Liberating women, changing the world” was first presented in BELvue museum, the museum of Belgian history in Brussels (February to August 2020). Since then, the exhibition can be borrowed. Interested to present it? Get in touch.

The project received financial support from: