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Archive and Research Centre for Women's History

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Archive and Research Centre for Women's History

Forum for gender history

The Forum for Belgian Research in the History of Women, Gender and Sexualities aims at offering historians who are engaged in history of women, gender and sexuality, a place to meet and to present their current research to each other.

The Forum is open to everyone in Belgium who does scientific research or has an active interest in the research of history of gender and sexuality from antiquity up to the present. It organises once a year a seminar where starting as well as more experienced researchers present their current research and where there is room for consideration and discussion.

The Forum organises an intern mailing list for communication on publications, conferences, seminars, workshops etc. It acts, together with the AVG, as Belgian partner in international networks around the history of gender and sexuality such as the International Federation for Research in Women’s History.

The forum diffuses information via the website of the AVG. It is coordinated by the members of the board of administrators of the AVG and will maintain privileged relations with Sophia, the Belgian interdisciplinary network of women’s studies.

2022-2023 programme “Consent, Ethics and Activism: Re-thinking Historical Practice Post-MeToo’

Silence is (not) an option : Re-Thinking Oral History Post-MeToo (conference 17-18/11/2022)

Silence occurs in every oral history interview and comes in many forms. This symposium readdress the complexities linked to silence in oral history.

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Launching conference May 6 2022

On May 6 2022, the Forum organised the conference “Consent, Ethics and Activism: Re-thinking Historical Practice Post-MeToo”, launching its 2021-2023 programme. The conference reflected on consent and ethics in and as a historical practice, paying special attention to the ways in which historians approach their historical subjects and source material.

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Past activities of the Forum include:

  • International congress “Thinking Sex after the Great War” (17-19/10/2018)
  • Conference “Diagnosis of difference: homosexuality, media and sociaty sinds 1945” (1/12/2016)
  • Seminar “Gender and Silence: hushed (hi)stories of power and resilience in the face of modernity” (7/11/2014)
  • Seminar “Gender and War in the 20th century” (12/11/2013)
  • “Corporealism/Corporéité”: three masterclasses and a conference (2011-2012)
  • Conference “History of sexuality” (29/05/2010)
  • Lecture “History, memory and the empowerment of women” by Karen Offen (18/05/2010)
  • Conference “Gender and work, 16th-20th century” (8/12/2009)