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Affiche Exposition Garçon ou fille... un destin pour la vie?

Boys and girls… an (un)known destination? Belgium, 1830-2000

The exhibition “Boys and girls… an (un)known destination? Belgium 1830-2000” questions the evolution of the concepts “masculinity” and “femininity” throughout Belgian history: ideals and representations of men and women, the area of tension between norms and the daily life, the influence of the women’s movement on the questioning of role patterns… The exhibition is abundantly illustrated with period pieces: pictures, posters, caricatures, audiovisual resources, statistics, artifacts etc.

The bilingual exhibition (French/Dutch) reached a large audience: more than 14.000 visitors visited it at BELvue museum between February and May 2009. Since 2010, the exhibition has been traveling.

A book and a pedagogical tool (French/Dutch) accompany the exhibition.

The exhibition was organized in a partnership with BELvue museum. The Flemish and French Community, the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men, the Metropolitan District of Brussels and the Commissions of the French and Flemish Communities in Brussels gave financial support to the project.