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Jeanne Vervechal - Un engagement social et féministe

Jeanne Vercheval : social and feminist commitment

At the beginning of the nineteen-seventies a new feminism becomes the topic of conversation in Belgium, just like in other western countries. Women cheerfully and loudly contest the gender inequality, and dream of a society based on equality of women and men. They write, unite, manifest and organize actions that call the attention of the press and the general public to the inequalities.

Jeanne Vercheval is one of them. After an active commitment in communist and pacifist organizations, she throws herself into feminist action. She is the pacesetter of Marie Mineur in Wallonia, co-writes The little red book of women, participates in the organization of the first women’s day that gathers thousands of women in Brussels and she fights for the legalisation of abortion.

Starting from Jeanne Vercheval’s militant actions, this book examines the feminism of the nineteen-seventies and the feminist demands that, forty years later, are still alive.

This book is available for free, in French and in Dutch, at the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men (on paper, or digitally via the website).

Cl. Marissal, Gubin E., Jeanne Vercheval : un engagement social et féministe (Jeanne Vercheval : sociaal en féministisch engagement), Brussels, Institute for the Equality of Women and Men – AVG-Carhif, 2011, 220 p.